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Kaoz Presents: Real Talk is a full length musical project that features Twin Cities youth and adult artists and is designed to break the silence around HIV/STD’s, bullying, homophobia, and violence. The project also aims to mobilize youth and adults to be proactive in their communities through advocacy, education, health awareness.


released October 25, 2011

Executive Producers: Kevin "Kaoz" Moore (Total Kaoz ent.) & Wayne Locc Williams (All Out Recordz) *Liner Note Artwork contributed by Loren Jamal & Shane Schroeder



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Kaoz Presents: Real Talk MPLS Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: Kaoz - Stat 1
Track Name: B. Slade (feat. Kaoz) - My Fellow Man
Ayo peep game, here come Mr. Limpwrist/
Captain cupcake, syrup on the biscuits/
Hole in the donut, hair all twisted/
Single ladies, dancing like Jay Z’s mistress/
Wifey, temptress, how much do you bench press?/
Seems like the gay steez is catchy like syphilis/
Or that 3 letter thang, need to check Leviticus/
Ask forgiveness maybe you’ll get rid of it/
We ain’t cut from the same rag/
Two cars, two lanes, slippery when wet mayne/
I love hip hop, Rakim to the Daddy Kane/
You just wanna put the brain on Big Daddy’s Cane/
I keep my swagga cool, you Wacka Flocka Flame/
Polar opposites, check the social politics/
To each their own, Got ya pill, then swallow it/
Don’t owe you respect, I just owe you tolerance/

Here we go again
Already know the deal
You a real thug, right
congratulations bill
and learn to pay your bills
did I forget to mention
real niggaz keep it chill
u need pay attention
So do you feel good now?
do you feel heroic?
Tell the truth & shame the devil
yo you homophobic
I wasn't stutting you
I was minded my business
I must have caught your eye
cuz u all up in my business
Yo I'm a hard worker
Tax paying citizen
I got a right 2 speak &
finish my sentences
no need for the cheap shots
muzzle the slandering so sit back & relax
just face the fact that
you're my fellow man

say what you wanna you're my fellow man
yes we may disagree but you're my fellow man
people have plots but do they have a plan ?
equality's the answer you're my fellow man

How you gonna let a dude climb ya back son?/
Turning all Red-Man, time for some action/
Chillin like Steadman, where is Oprah at, damn/
Rabbit out the hat I mean, secret out the handbag/
The Louis V, You aint Scooby, DOIN me/
Shaggin me or otherwise, focus on another prize/
Most fruity dudes always lie about us str8 guys/
Talk slick about me I’m dotting both ya gay eyes!

Do you wanna stick every chick that walks by ?
Well I ain't trying to hook up with every drive by ?
so don't flatter yourself
beside that my brother I got respect for myself
and contrary to the media & all that mess on wikipedia
str8 guys are a threat to society
you can't commit to one trick I mean chick
you bring it back to your chick after u stick the trick
after your night shift
nigga you trifling
and now you wanna use your tongue
to jab your knife in ?
and all these stereotypes
they're so ridiculous
I'm a monogamous man I'm not promiscuous
so you a " str8" cat ANNNNNNND what's the point ?
the point is it doesn't matter if we smoke a joint LOL
so let's back to business the matter at hand
don't get it twisted money, you're still my fellow man

say what you wanna you're my fellow man
yes we may disagree but you're my fellow man
people have plots but do they have a plan ?
equality's the answer you're my fellow man

Verse 4
If the FAG word offends you, why It ain’t offending me?/
Take me home Tennessee need my mom’s remedy/
Pardon me for hating with my view on masculinity/
Or lack thereof maybe “cuz” is really kin to me/
I mean we bleed, get watched by the feds/
And we both endangered species like the B- head/
Eagle, we both warriors, Black people/
In a white man’s maze our department gets phased/
Out, downsized, outsourced, junk fed forced/
Down our throats how it coats and makes the voice hoarse/
Coddled into silence, bottled up defiance/
They want to vilify us, Demonize the light that binds us/
They were born in darkness, we bathe in Osirus/
Black men unite there’s no way they’d deny us/
Always dividing us, it’s the “ride or die” in us/
Stop the petty lying and the racists, STOP DEFINING US!!

So homie do YOU and Imma do ME
We can respect each other although we don't agree
The bottom line is : it's about respect
if some bullets fly we both gone hit the deck
and if we get hit we both bleed red
don't get it twisted me get it through your head
ain't tryna change you don't try to change me
the blood of warriors will always be our legacy
why kill each other when we both have an enemy ?
fear of the unknown addictions to cell phones
it's time to make a change it's time to take a stand
and don't forget it brother , you are my fellow man